Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rihanna Live in Concert

Rihanna Live in Concert

Friday, 14-November-2008, 08pm

Istora Senayan Jakarta

Vip : 2.500.000
Tribune : 2.000.000
Festival A : 1.250.000
Festival B : 750.000


Anonymous said...

do you have student price for the rihanna concert ? thx b4

bernard said...

where can I get the tickets??

Anonymous said...

Di konser Rihanna hati-hati ancaman bom ditempat2 keramaian,... apalagi yg datang adalah artis Amerika... berdekatan dengan waktu eksekusi Amrozy CS

Fajar said...

Yup... watchout for the terrorist bomb..:)

Fauz said...

fajar and anonymous,

you guys have given an extremely negative comment maybe for one of the following reasons:
1- you probably can't afford to see the concert, :)
2- you just have no idea how to enjoy life :)

So i would suggest you try to see positive things in life.... PEACE

Fajar said...

to fauz..

damn i'm right...

it's cancelled,... so you can kiss my ass...

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